Burbbble Brawl
Cory Eastman

Round 1 - West

5Toyota A80 Supra vs 12Audi RS6

5Toyota A80 Supra

Engine Configuration: Twin Turbocharged Inline 6 Estimated Value: $45,000

12Audi RS6

Engine Configuration: Twin Turbocharged V8 Estimated Value: $20,000

The Matchup

TURBOS!! So many turbos! Headlining this fight is the Toyota's masterful 2JZ-GTE. Widely renowned as the best tunable engine made to date and there will be no argument from us as far as reputation and tunability are concerned. BUT thankfully for the Supra's challenger that isn't what we are comparing today. The C5 RS6 can hold its own against most anything in exhaust burbbble and we're curious to see if it can dethrone a car with more fans than Taylor Swift's cats.    

Which sounds better?