Burbbble Brawl
11 months ago
Gravel Guards and whale tails. Fuch yea.
Jared Eastman
german Porsche 911 70s Turbo White 911 Turbo 930 1979 RWD
Cory Eastman

Round 1 - East

3Aston Martin DBS vs 14Datsun 240Z

3Aston Martin DBS

Engine Configuration: N/A V12 Estimated Value: $125,000

14Datsun 240Z

Engine Configuration: N/A Inline 6 Estimated Value: $10,000

The Matchup

Here is an interesting duel, Samurai Jack verses James bond, old fashioned versus fashionable, Sencha verses Earl Grey. The DBS comes in with a full arsenal of weapons while the 240Z just has its single blade of six cylinders. But in this tournament anything can happen. 

Which sounds better?

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