Burbbble Brawl
11 months ago
Gravel Guards and whale tails. Fuch yea.
Jared Eastman
german Porsche 911 70s Turbo White 911 Turbo 930 1979 RWD
Cory Eastman

Round 1 - East

8Morgon Aero 8 vs 9Porsche 928 S4

8Morgon Aero 8

Engine Configuration: N/A V8 Estimated Value: $70,000

9Porsche 928 S4

Engine Configuration: N/A V8 Estimated Value: $15,000

The Matchup

Two very unique cars face off in this round. The 928 S4, known for being way ahead of its time and the Morgan Aero 8 which is trying its hardest to take you back in time. What makes this one of the more intriguing comparisons is they each achieve their goals while using similar power plants. Which Euro V8 will come out on top? Is it the blast from the past or are we going back to the future?  

Which sounds better?

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