Burbbble Brawl
Cory Eastman

Round 1 - East

4Nissan Skyline R34 vs 13Fiat 500 Abarth

4Nissan Skyline R34

Engine Configuration: Turbocharged Inline 6 Estimated Value: A Misdemeanor

13Fiat 500 Abarth

Engine Configuration: Turbocharged Inline 4 Estimated Value: $13,000

The Matchup

On paper it looks like the outcome of this bout should be obvious. A JDM God against what seems to be a cute little mouse. Oh, but that isn't any mouse. The Fiat 500 is actually Ash's Pikachu and you can never count Pikachu out of a battle. So what will it be, the beloved R34 Skyline GTR or the pocket monster? Pika-pii mother-trucker!!

Which sounds better?