Burbbble Brawl
Cory Eastman

Round 1 - West

1Lamborghini Countach vs 16Lancia Fulvia

1Lamborghini Countach

Engine Configuration: N/A V12 Estimated Value: $300,000

16Lancia Fulvia

Engine Configuration: N/A V4 Estimated Value: $25,000

The Matchup

There is a lot of history in both the Lamborghini Countach and Lancia Fulvia. The Lancia earned many accolades in motorsport, including an International Rally Championship. The Countach was the car that defined an entire generation...oooof drug dealers aaaaand drug abusers. Not to mention drug lords. So we leave it to you. Who will come out on top, the dirt eating rally thoroughbred or the coke'd up bull head?

Which sounds better?