Burbbble Brawl
Cory Eastman

Round 1 - East

2Lexus LFA vs 15Toyota AE86 Trueno

2Lexus LFA

Engine Configuration: N/A V10 Estimated Value: $400,000

15Toyota AE86 Trueno

Engine Configuration: N/A Inline 4 Estimated Value: $10,000

The Matchup

Two JDM icons facing off in the first round.  The LFA coming in with the prestige and poise that comes with immense financial backing. Fine tuned and lean we expect the Lexus to put up quite the show. That isn't to say the hometown hero AE86 won't fight back. Both of these cars have quite the following and there is a chance of a nostalgic upset. Probably the same chance that Megan Fox is currently reading this and wants to join the Burbbble team as our designated bonnet-opener, but there is a chance. 

Which sounds better?