Tax Return Car Shopping

Nothing is certain except death and taxes aaaand spending tax returns irresponsibly

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According to a something search, the average tax return in February last year was $3,120. Most people take that "extra" money and pay off bills or buy golfist equipment, but golf and being responsible is boring. We figured we should see how much car you could get if you decided to blow that check on a jalopy.

Here are the rules: Must have an asking/sold price of $3,120 or less Must be a running, driving car Let us know what you find!

Chris at Burbbble

Chris' Pick

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider

Price: $2650

Spring has sprung, there is a soft breeze on a beautiful sunny day. You emerge from your twice mortgaged debt box to be greeted by your paid-in-full Italian crafted convertible. As the car bursts to life it rumbles and snarls like a caged Ewok. You pull out of the driveway ignoring the puddles of oil that fell out of the engine over night and step on the gas. The power and noise are intoxicating thanks to upgraded Cams and air induction system that someone you don’t know or trust installed back in the 80s. People smile and wave, you smile and wave back knowing that all of this cost you just $2,700. Thank you Sam...you are a good uncle.

If I were lucky enough to own this Alfa I would probably spend that extra $400 on getting rid of that swim platform in the back and whatever is left over on fixing the seats or sealing the engine up, but that rear bumper will die in a fire before anything else.

Cory at Burbbble

Cory's Pick

1999 Mercedes C43 AMG

1999 Mercedes C43 AMG

Price: $2900

Sure, I paid my taxes this year. But who knows if I'm ever going to play Uncle Sam's games again. Considering what I can buy with the fat check that is coming my way, the only deductions I see in my future are the number of cars that can keep up with me at a set of lights.

That's right, I don't have to earn another cent this year and because I fronted Obama a few cool G's last year, I'm going to be driving around a V8 AMG Merc. What's that you are saying? Its got a ton of miles? So does the Nurburgring and I know you think that is awesome. And really, I just need to evade the Taxman to Canada. They don't pay taxes up there, right?

Jared at Burbbble

Jared's Pick

2002 Subaru WRX Wagon

2002 Subaru WRX Wagon

Price: $3000

If you got more than 3,100 from your tax return, bully for you. Pick up this sick WRX bug-eye wagon to stick the rest of your tax return toys in and hit the road. The pictures may be upside-down, but you won't be going belly up in the value for this vehicle any time soon. It may be a little beat, but that just gives you an excuse to hit the dirt road and see just how much life this Impreza has in it. Now, if you only got 30 Benjamins from your tax return... at least this wagon will let you sleep with some room to spare for your belongings.

Jeff at Burbbble

Jeff's Pick

1986 Toyota MR2

1986 Toyota MR2

Price: $2500

If you are using your tax return to buy a car outright, chances are you are pretty desperate for some transportation. You should probably play it safe and buy something reliable like a Toyota. A 1986 MR2 will do just fine.

One of the few mid-engined cars for the masses ever made, the MR2 is ready to rock the corners in the canyons. Stories have been told of MR2s sitting at redline for a half an hour without breaking down (true story). So why settle for a Camry? The MR2 may seem like a small death trap, but don't worry, snap oversteer is a quick death.

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