Could Toyota Reveal the Prius 'R' at NYIAS?

Image courtesy of Toyota
Jeff Knoespel

Toyota announced Tuesday that it would be adding a new “mechanical marvel” to the Prius lineup, to be introduced at the New York International Auto Show next week.

Toyota cryptically said that “the city that never sleeps is about to get a wake-up call." Whatever that means.

Since Toyota has expanded the Prius lineup pretty extensively with the Prius C and Prius V along with the normal Prius, my guess is that this next Prius will be called the Prius R.

That’s right, Prius R. Why shouldn’t Toyota make a sporty, race-y “R” version to the Prius range? They popularized the hybrid car, and now nobody cares about it anymore. They’ve got to make something to compete with the hyper-hybrids like the LaFerrari, 918, and P1. Toyota even sent a seductively sleek teaser photo of the new car’s taillights.

So here is your first look at the enthusiast-oriented Prius. Mark my words.

Watch the reveal live.

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