Spied: Jeep Wrangler JL Pickup

Chris Doane Automotive

You'll have to pay for the doors before you take them off and throw them away

Jared Eastman

The classic maker of jeans, er,off-roader SUVs has been teasing the Wrangler Pickup for a while, and the fellows over at Road & Track have caught up with the CEO of Jeep, Mike Manley (close friend of Ron Swanson, I imagine), to ask him just when we can expect to see it. Turns out the skeletal rock-bomber takes a bit longer than anticipated to make (after all, they no longer come in a shipping crate for the U.S. Army) and we’ll be seeing it around mid-2018. This, of course, has made us at Burbbble sad, and while we may never see the Jeep Hurricane off the showroom floor, we were hoping to fill our stockings next year with spare tires and our trash cans with brand-new doors.

Granted, if you simply can’t wait, may we suggest the Jeep Comanche? It’s simply a Cherokee with the back cut off- same engine, less weight; usually you pay extra for that, eh, Porsche? While you can pick up a Comanche for around $5k or less, we’re speculating (with the Rubicon Unlimited at $38k and a Ford SuperCrew at $33k) that the Jeep Wrangler Pickup will be around $35k before options. And yes, you’ll have to pay for those doors before you throw them out.

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