Update: 2017 Panoz Avezzano


Avezzano to arrive in summer 2017 with quadrupley-stiff chassis

Jeff Knoespel

Panoz recently debuted a new model dubbed the Avezzano, its new sports car featuring a supercharged V8 engine and a next-generation chassis. Panoz showed off Prototype No. 1 at Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. The niche automaker told Burbbble the Avezzano is set to start production in summer 2017.

The prototype, currently being used to test fit and finish, the new body, and more, features an LSA V8 from the Cadillac CTS-V, but the production version will sport a 6.2-liter supercharged GM V8 making at least 560 bhp. Panoz says the new production chassis will be four times stiffer than the current chassis thanks to an updated design with carbon fiber center and A-pillar structures in addition to high-strength aluminum.

The Avezzano is based on a successful Panoz GT-class endurance race car that features a aluminum body similar to the Panoz AIV Roadster and the Esperante. Panoz estimates it will be able to build around 25 Avezzano models a year and says it could increase production if demand increases.

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