Land Rover Freelander 1 now considered a Land Rover Heritage vehicle

Land Rover
Jeff Knoespel

Have you always wanted to drive a classic Land Rover but can only afford a measly first generation Ford Escape? Good news! Land Rover now considers the Freelander 1 a Heritage vehicle. You’re a quick badge-swap away from all your hopes and dreams.

Land Rover has announced that the Freelander 1, produced between 1997 and 2006, is the newest Heritage vehicle, which is defined as having been out of production for longer than 10 years. The Freelander 1 remains one of Land Rover’s best-selling models. Over 9,000 individual Land Rover Heritage Part numbers are now available for the Freelander 1, for when they all inevitably end up on the side of the road in a cloud of toxic smoke and bits of metal. They’ve got you covered.

"With the addition of the Freelander 1 as a Heritage model, Land Rover is reaffirming its support and commitment to its loyal customers by providing exceptional cars, services, parts and experiences for models more than 10 years out of production,” said Tim Hannig, director, Jaguar Land Rover Heritage.

Land Rover has seven other Heritage vehicles in addition to the Freelander 1, including the Series I, II, and III, Range Rover Classic and P38 Range Rover, and Discover 1 and 2.



Source: Land Rover

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