BMW displays Concept Compact Sedan: a new 1 Series?

Jeff Knoespel

BMW showed off what it called “The BMW Concept Compact Sedan” this week at the Auto Guangzhou, one of the largest auto shows in China. BMW says its design is influenced by its target market in China, that is, the youthful generation that are “confident, dynamic and extremely quality conscious.” I’m not sure how a generation of people can be dynamic, but we’ll take BMW’s word for it.

Concepts don’t always make it to production, but in this case, it may be within reason to presume that what we are looking at may make it in some way to production as the next generation, front-wheel-drive, four-door 1 series compact. BMW has said that the emphasis of this design was on a roomy cabin for passenger comfort, unlike most car companies whose sole goal is to give their customers chronic backache. Keep a lookout for design cues from this concept making their way into future compact BMWs.

Source: BMW

BMW Auto Show Concept 1 Series