Mazda Will Host Classic Japanese Rally

Jeff Knoespel

Mazda will collaborate with Japanese Nostalgic Car to host Touge California, an all-Japanese vintage car rally featuring 28 cars from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s snaking from San Diego to Irvine, April 2.

"Our heritage cars aren't just museum pieces; they're meant to be driven," said Robert Davis, Mazda North American Operations senior vice president, U.S. Operations.. "This is a rare chance to see all of these beautiful vintage cars where they were meant to be—on the road."Mazda will have 11 cars in the rally including several wicked rotaries.

Unfortunately, The rally won’t really feature any Japanese cars from the countries best era: the 1990s. MKIV Supra, Miata, SVX, NSX, FD RX-7, MR2 Turbo, R34 GT-R, 240SX, 300ZX, Celica GT-Four, 3000GT VR4. These are the most iconic cars to come out of the land of the Rising Sun. These are the cars that should be featured in a great Japanese-American rally. Just don’t slam them and add underglow LEDs and fat spoilers… actually yes. Do add those.

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