Everything Wrong with the 944

I don't know what to fix first

Jeff Knoespel

Last summer, a 1987 Porsche 944 came under my care. Now, 1980s Porsches are solidly built; you can hear the sturdiness in the way the door clunks shut. But it’s still nearly 30 years old, so just a few things on it need of maintenance. Just a few. Here is everything that needs fixing on the 1987 Porsche 944.

  • Odometer is stuck at a pretty low mile for model year 91k
  • Gear linkage is wonky and needs replacement
  • A rubber bumper on the front needs to be remounted to be flush with the bumper
  • Electronically sunroof won’t open
  • May or may not be oil leaking from somewhere
  • Driver door window rattles alarmingly when the door is shut
  • Passenger door hinge creaks when open or closed
  • A faded paint spot on the roof needs to be fixed
  • Rear hatch release doesn’t function
  • Rear wiper flails wildly, if at all
  • Power adjustable mirrors won’t operate, just droop lower and lower
  • Front badge is loose and might fall off
  • Headlights blind oncoming traffic, need adjustment
  • Late 90s updated radio needs to be updated again
  • Rear view mirror is ready to fall off
  • Tires are nearly bald, need replacing
  • Wheels and steering need alignment

Plus all the other routine maintenance that needs to be checked and done at some point: belts, water pump, clutch, fluids, air filter, etc. None of this stuff is what you would call pressing mechanical issues, but it would be nice to see them fixed. Some people may say that all these issues outweigh the value of owning the car, and they’re probably right. But where is the fun in that?

german 80s Porsche 1987 944