Am I The Only One Not In Love With RWB?

There is a time and place for big wings on beautiful things. It's called the Victoria Secret fashion show

Chris Eastman

Am I the only one that isn’t in love with Rauh-Welt Begriff 911’s? After studying these cars for a while I gained deep, deep, deep respect for Akira Nakai-san and his masterful craftsmanship, but I’m not sure I am on board with the full-fledged cartoonization of an automotive icon. The longer I look at RWB-tuned Porsche’s, the more I think I need to be named Bit Cloud or Spike Spiegel to pilot one. It isn’t necessarily because of the wide body but more because of the multiple builds that called for tri-deck rear spoilers… I haven’t seen anything that useless since Hulk Hogan’s right to privacy. I’m all for adding lots of hot sauce to my chalupa because it adds to the flavor, brother. These ridiculous spoilers are not a Cholula soaked chalupa.  It’s just a normal chalupa wrapped in hundred dollar bills. Much like the Suburban Commando himself, very expensive and not any better.

There are clear reasons for making a 911 wider.

Reason One, humps. Those humps, those humps, those humps.

Reason B, 911’s are very sure footed from the factory, especially when the driver gets used to managing the unique weight of the car. Now make that footprint 12 or more inches wider and let Akira guru the suspension. Physics will no longer own you, it will become your lapdog. Unfortunately, the trade off is what was once a subtle, elegant road car is left looking like RSR cosplay. Everyone has their thing, I’m just not sold on this thing.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am genuinely happy these cars exist and that people like them. Part of me even gets the appeal. Giant hips, huge rear wing, loud burbbbly noises. How can someone truly hate something like that. I’ve found that RWB cars have the same youthful charm as Lamborghinis. They are beloved childhood toys you can actually drive! Where in a Aventador you get to pilot a stealth fighter, a RWB you get to drive a favorite Hot Wheels car. Akira Nakai-san has brought a different spice to a community that is generally pretty old and dry and I commend that. I still couldn’t imagine putting a hacksaw to my 911 but I can see how some crazy rich guys could...I guess.

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