Jeff Knoespel

1973 Volkswagen Bus

1973 Volkswagen Bus
Found on August 16, 2016
1973 Volkswagen Bus

The Volkswagen Bus is an automotive icon cemented in the hearts car enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Everyone can appreciate its lovely, inviting personality. The VW Bus is at home wherever you take it, fitting into every crowd, every scene. Granted, that's because the people who own VW Buses tend to live in them, so everywhere is their home. Then they write about it on their MacBook Air. Who can blame them? These buses are awesome. This one is so bus-like its even painted school-bus-yellow. It's the short-bus equivalent of the short-bus. Meta. Yes, please. Now go follow my travel blog on Instagram.


  • Home is where you park it
  • Comes with its own travel blog

Not-so Pros

  • All the VW Bus clichés
  • Mainstream
1973 Volkswagen Busfuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: manual
german 70s 1973 Volkswagen bus
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