This is truly built not bought

Chris Eastman

2012 Porsche Concept Supercar... Fiero

2012 Porsche Concept Supercar... Fiero
Found on March 31, 2016
2012 Porsche Concept Supercar... Fiero

Apparently there is $80,000 worth of work invested in this... thing. The design team was influenced by "ferrari, porsche, carrera gt zaggato, hennessey venom gt, ect." and as everyone knows the best designs through history were often inspired by "ect."  I'm trying really hard to think of something to say... I quit.


  • Hmmmmmmm
  • Errrrrrrrrr
  • Ummm... if you like red. It is very that.

Not-so Pros

  • Built not bought
  • Bill of sale comes with suggested psychiatrists
  • Red tends to draw attention
2012 Concept fuel: gas
odometer: 29000
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
american german Porsche red Pontiac
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