Small, well mannered Fiat looking for a new home.

Chris Eastman

1965 Fiat 600

1965 Fiat 600
Found on February 23, 2016
1965 Fiat 600

This adorable little death trap is one of the cleanest 600s we've seen out there. Doesn't it look just like a Bolognese pup, growling at its reflection in glass and leaking all over the neighbors property? In fact our extensive research team found some forums where forumers mentioned ways to make 600's go faster. One forumite suggested hanging a tennis ball from a stick and fastening the stick on the roof. The method that seemed to yield the best results was to use a laser pointer and always keep it just out of reach. I love this thing, 73,000 original miles and a spotless interior... I will name it Charlie. 


  • No Rust
  • Easy to Park
  • Chick Magnet

Not-so Pros

  • If You Crash You Die
  • Other Bigger Cars Might Step On You
  • May Take A While To Housebreak
1965 Fiat 600 2003491
fuel: gas
odometer: 73000
title status: clean
transmission: manual
1965 60s coupe italian White Fiat 600
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